About Assurance Financial & Accounting Services, LLC

Assurance Finacial & Accounting Services, LLC is the legal entity used by Ronald L. La Serra, MBA,CPA, ChFC to market and promote financial planning products and services.  Utilizing the full range of financial products and services available to me, I am committed to helping individuals, business owners, and professionals pursue and reach their financial goals. In addition,  I work closely with financial specialists and other professionals, such as CPA's and attorneys, whenever these services are needed.  I am also happy to work with the client's current  financial and legal advisors, integrating myself as part of the client's team of professionals. In most cases, my role is that of the "quarterback" implementing and executing the client's "financial" game plan.  I believe you will be better able to identify your goals and make sound decisions to achieve them by utilizing a financial planner like myself to provide sound financial information.

Please call me if you have any questions about Assurance Financial or the range of financial products and services I can provide.  Assurance Financial has relationships with a variety of investment, financial services and insurance companies. If I do not utilize a product or service, I know a group or company that does and can establish a relationship if necessary.